I will make a confession: I have already posted the recipe for these cookies in the past. In fact, they were my second post ever! And because the only person that paid any attention to my blog at the time was my mother and any of my friends that I involuntarily subscribed to receive email […]

Nate Berkus for Target

It is a tale as old as time. Girl walks into Target. Girl promises self she will ONLY get what she explicitly came in for. Girl leaves $100 poorer. You win some you lose some. The last time I was at Target, I made through the whole store successfully avoiding all temptation, knowing that anything […]

sissy road trip

T-minus one week before I leave to drive to my new home! As a well known hoarder, it is going to be an exercise in making tough choices to cut down on my personal belongings and load up only what will fit in the car. Evey has graciously volunteered (or at the very least gave […]

Melon and prosciutto salad

Last week I was treated to a very special evening as a guest in the Vine home with our special host, Holly of Holly Likes to Cook (remember her from this post a few weeks back?) I had been dying to see her recently renovated kitchen, and we had discussed doing a collaboration for weeks, […]

longhorns austin

Hi (y’)all! You may have noticed that Musings is looking a little different today. If you are a frequent reader, you probably saw this coming, as many of you know that next week I will be loading up the car and leaving Providence for the wonderful city of Austin. With that in mind, I have […]

ice cream in Wolfeboro

What a busy month it has been! Not only has July been absolutely beautiful, but I have enjoyed many special occasions and spent a lot of time by the water. Since I last updated you, the most significant event was the nuptials of Brent’s college roommate Nick and the lovely Brittany. We were both so […]


As you may have noticed yesterday, Musings is looking a little bit different… Let’s face facts- as you all know, soon, Musings will no longer be coming to you from Providence. I am working on a whole redesign project in conjunction with what will be the next stage of Musings. Although I will be coming […]