sissy road trip

T-minus one week before I leave to drive to my new home! As a well known hoarder, it is going to be an exercise in making tough choices to cut down on my personal belongings and load up only what will fit in the car. Evey has graciously volunteered (or at the very least gave […]

ice cream in Wolfeboro

What a busy month it has been! Not only has July been absolutely beautiful, but I have enjoyed many special occasions and spent a lot of time by the water. Since I last updated you, the most significant event was the nuptials of Brent’s college roommate Nick and the lovely Brittany. We were both so […]

I spent the last two weekends at the Cape with Brent’s family, which was rudely interrupted by a work-week in between. We were never a big Cape family growing up, so now I am trying to make up for it. My lack of upper body strength was especially evident on my first ever fishing trip […]

The first half of Rosie’s wedding week was characterized by one thing: FOMO. The rest of my family headed out four days before I did, and tortured me with stories of wine tasting and wedding crafting. When I finally arrived to Northern California, I did not have a hard time at all playing catch up. […]

Last weekend was the last big event before the wedding- the bachelorette party! Scarred from working at Dick’s Last Resort in Quincy Market as a teenager, Rosie had zero interest in anything cliché or phallic at her party, and I was more than happy to oblige. We had a beautiful day in the city, despite […]

I know what you have been thinking- Providence has a lack of hot spots where I can scream “Let It Go” at the top of my lungs in a sound proof room and jump on couches with my friends. Lucky for you, The Boombox has come to town. Located in the back of the Dean […]

I have always been a beer fan, but I really honed the craft of beer drinking when in Vienna. It really was only about making the frugal option. A half-liter can of beer cost 35 cents while a bottle of water cost 1.20. If you are in the Providence area and you have not yet […]