I will make a confession: I have already posted the recipe for these cookies in the past. In fact, they were my second post ever! And because the only person that paid any attention to my blog at the time was my mother and any of my friends that I involuntarily subscribed to receive email […]

Melon and prosciutto salad

Last week I was treated to a very special evening as a guest in the Vine home with our special host, Holly of Holly Likes to Cook (remember her from this post a few weeks back?) I had been dying to see her recently renovated kitchen, and we had discussed doing a collaboration for weeks, […]

Holly Vine of Holly Likes to Cook

Are you a fan of Movies on the Block, Providence’s Cinco de Mayo Block Party, or the @indowncity Twitter feed? If so, you probably already know about Holly Vine, a local personality that Providence is lucky to have imported from England. If you were at last weekend’s Providence Flea, you may also now know her as […]

One of the biggest perks of working in Providence is access to all of its delicious food trucks. Given my personal affinity for soft pretzels, you can imagine my joy when I first sampled a pretzel bread sandwich from Noble Knots, one of the more notable trucks speeding through the city. With specials that change […]

Did you know that every Wednesday, the Whole Foods hot bar is $6.99 instead of its normal $8.99? I have perfected my favorite hot bar meal- two falafel with tikka masala sauce on them, a slice of naan, and two enormous scoops of Mediterranean crunch salad. Last week I decided to make my own. All […]

I have unfortunately not been doing much cooking of my own the past few weeks. My meals have consisted mostly of yogurt for breakfast (need lots of calcium to heal that stress fracture!) sweet potato and farro salad for lunch, and nime chow from the Thai restaurant down the road for dinner. Not a lot […]

Maybe it is only because I have been looking at too many Society Social pictures, but I have recently been obsessed with the idea of stocking up my bar cart. I ordered a cocktail shaker on Amazon to get to a $25 shopping cart so I could get more hot glue sticks as an add-on […]