I recently have invested in many paper punches in all shapes and sizes- large circles, small circles, scalloped circles- basically any kind of circle that your heart could desire.  About once a week, I look at the Brit + Co post on 25 ways to add confetti to your party, and try to figure out […]

Typically, when I tackle a craft project, there is a defined beginning, middle, and end. This time, I leaped right in having no idea what my end game was, and what I was planning on doing with these tassels. I am not going to lie- I still have no clue. I found a tutorial on […]

Sometimes I think that a more fitting name for Musings from Providence might be “What Did Grace Spray Paint This Week?” Over the winter I had been painting in the unfinished section of my basement- I am shocked and relieved that I did not get poisoned from the fumes. Yesterday, I spread out a wide […]

Happy Friday, friends of Musings! I am so happy to see the work week come to an end, and get a little closer to what I am sure will be a wonderful Passover weekend with the family. I am already planning on schlepping a couple of boxes of project materials up with me so that […]

 Greetings friends and fans. I know it has been a sparse couple of weeks here on Musings, but that is only due to a lack of writing time, not a lack of material. I have a lot of exciting new trips, projects, recipes, and highlights on some exciting new Providence hot spots to share with […]

One party accent that I have been wanting to experiment with is a cake topper. I didn’t get to make one for the shower because we served sugar cookies from Concord Teacakes instead of a cake. If you are not familiar with Concord Teacakes, consider them for some sweet treats for their next party- if […]

Some nights when I am done with work and dinner has all been cleaned up, I would really love to collapse in bed and return to whatever my binge-watching du jour is (what to do now that I am done with House of Cards!) but I feel an overwhelming need to execute something blog-worthy from […]