May 12, 2016

Typography Inspiration

One of my duties at work in Austin was to compose blog posts for a number of ecommerce clients. I quickly learned that the same quippy prose that became a mainstay of Musings was not appropriate for all audiences…

In my very first assignment, I was tasked with writing a blog post with the topic “Fonts and What They Convey.” I was very proud to submit such sentences as “Franklin Gothic Book is the vanilla ice cream of fonts – it is consistent and reliable, but will not impress or surprise anyone.” Quickly, I found myself removed from the client, as the account manager was asked to tell me that I did not understand her “personal brand” and was looking for something more along the lines of “bold fonts are masculine and italicized cursive fonts are more feminine.” I bet that woman’s email signature on her Hotmail account is in italicized Lucida Handwriting.

That brief hiccup did not keep me from living typography and keeping my eyes peeled for text that inspired me when on the go. I still aspire to take a calligraphy class one day, in the hopes that I too may be able to pen some of the written creations that I see on my favorite blogs and painted on discrete walls around hidden corners.

Please tell me in the comments where you have spied some of your favorite samples of particularly stunning and well crafted text.

If you are looking for a new rabbit hole to go down, search for typography Pinterest boards. It is also a great place to find printable images for a gallery wall! Click the image below for this popular board from Design Quixotic!

Typography Pinterest


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