Hello friends,

This blog affectionately began as Musings from Providence, where I painstakingly cooked and crafted, chased my kitten Archie from jumping up on freshly spray painted furniture and struggled with the internal debate of whether Del’s or Mr. Lemon was the true master of frozen citrus treats in Rhode Island. Since then, I have twice loaded up my belongings and headed for new pastures.

In Austin, I shivered while swimming in Barton Springs, drank queso directly from a crock at Torchy’s, groaned about tourists while waiting in line at Le Barbecue and learned to be comfortable sweating through my clothes (kidding, that never happened). More importantly, I built a network of creative and compassionate misfit friends, many of whom also found themselves far from home. A little over a year later, with ten pounds of taco weight and a renewed sense of confidence in tow, I packed up once again and moved to Houston in search of new opportunities.

I have often thought of rejuvenating Musings but hesitated for a number of reasons. First, my twice monthly raids at Michael’s were not exactly economically sustainable and I was running out of places to put my handmade creations and Pinterest fails. Second, Musings initially began as a creative outlet while I was predominantly dealing with research and numbers at work, and in Austin I was able to let those creative juices flow more regularly as an employee at Volusion. But mostly, I have known that I did not want to venture back down this road again until I knew that I was going to be committed to seeing it throughfor the long haul again. In the wise words of Ron Swanson, “never half ass two things – whole ass one thing.”

Now, finally feeling settled with a dream job at Texas Children’s Hospital, I knew that it was time for me commit time to my extra-curriculars once again. I am not sure where the Musings narrative will take us this time around, but I am hoping that you will all join me on the ride.

I already have a fun list of things to share in the coming weeks, so be sure that you are following me on Facebook and subscribing to the newsletter! Also, be sure that you have updated your bookmarks to musingsfromgraceblog.com (damn domain pirates!)


A big thank you to my Instagram Husband, Henley, who gave me courage during a painfully awkward photo shoot yesterday at the Sugar and Cloth color wall… I do not think that catalog work is in my future.

Musings from Grace


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Love this! Great to see another Houston blogger, good luck on your endeavors 🙂

  2. Yayyy you’re back!!!


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