Nate Berkus for Target
August 13, 2014

Gold Office Supplies

It is a tale as old as time. Girl walks into Target. Girl promises self she will ONLY get what she explicitly came in for. Girl leaves $100 poorer. You win some you lose some. The last time I was at Target, I made through the whole store successfully avoiding all temptation, knowing that anything new I would buy would either have to fit into the back of the car this week or be shipped down to Texas. Not worth it. Unfortunately, something right near the exit caught my eye with a little glimmer of gold. It was a pair of the limited edition Nate Berkus gold shears, and after losing countless pairs of cheap plastic scissors, I knew that I had to make them mine!

The purchase has sparked a new obsession with gold desk and office supplies. I recommend scouring the Nate Berkus section of Target, and also visiting Mackenzie Horan’s (recently rebranded) online store Design Darling, which features a large range of gold acrylic desk accessories, and BONUS, is having its annual birthday sale through Monday.

Design Darling Gold Acrylic Pencil Jar

All images courtesy of Design Darling

Design Darling Gold Notebook

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  1. Target is my frenemy. πŸ˜‰ Targets with Starbucks are even worse.


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