sissy road trip

T-minus one week before I leave to drive to my new home! As a well known hoarder, it is going to be an exercise in making tough choices to cut down on my personal belongings and load up only what will fit in the car.

Evey has graciously volunteered (or at the very least gave into my begging) to join me on this cross country extravaganza. We are going to be going through our grandma’s in Columbus, then traveling through Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Dallas, and finally reaching our final destination in Austin. The problem is, we don’t know what places to stop! We are going to have one night in each location, and need YOUR help. What hot spots should we see along the way? And more importantly, are there any notable “world’s largest xxxx” along the route? I have been combing through this Wikipedia list meticulously.

One big source of contention with Evey and I in the car is our difference of opinion music-wise. We can often be heard shouting “can you PLEASE choose something ofΒ mutual interest?!?” To side-step this problem, we areΒ will be downloading lots of back episodes of This American Life and digging up those free Audible downloads. Any suggestions for a book that you’re read lately that might be good on tape? Let us know in the comments! Otherwise we may end the trip looking less like the beginning picture and more like this picture below…

sissy road trip

We will both be sharing the journey on Instagram so be sure you are following here.


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  1. Welcome to Austin! πŸ™‚


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