As you may have noticed yesterday, Musings is looking a little bit different…

Let’s face facts- as you all know, soon, Musings will no longer be coming to you from Providence. I am working on a whole redesign project in conjunction with what will be the next stage of Musings. Although I will be coming to you from Austin now, I want Musings to be a reflection of my long term commitment to this project, and not be location dependent.

This template redesign is just the first one I am testing out, and more will probably be close behind before I settle on one I am committed to. One thing I am thinking of very seriously is the new header for Musings. I have settled on a color scheme, but next I need to select something that may be even more important: a font!

While on the surface this sounds like a fairly easy task, I assure you, it is no small undertaking. Font snobbery runs in my family. When I haphazardly changed my email signature to Lucida Handwriting in high school, I got a significant tongue lashing from Rosie. I found these free font downloads on the lifestyle blog He and I, and trust me, I will be experimenting with all of them. Any favorites? Any other recommendations for font downloads? Let me know!


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