Holly Vine of Holly Likes to Cook

Are you a fan of Movies on the Block, Providence’s Cinco de Mayo Block Party, or the @indowncity Twitter feed? If so, you probably already know about Holly Vine, a local personality that Providence is lucky to have imported from England. If you were at last weekend’s Providence Flea, you may also now know her as the talented author of one of my favorite blogs, Holly Likes to Cook.

Holly Vine

Not only does she share her heartfelt recipes, but she also is an expert resource to direct you towards some of the best eats and treats in the city.

Warning: only continue reading if you have a full stomach. Otherwise, drooling and stomach rumbling may commence. Click the image for a link

HL2C Cookies

HL2C Fried Gnocchi

HL2C Herb Infused Vodka

HL2C Pad Thai

On a more personal note, Holly also happens to be the first real connection that I have made from this blogging adventure. Although our friendship began by corresponding between our two Providence blogs, it quickly jumped from the screen to real life. Keeping in mind that I will be soon moving somewhere that is still a real mystery to me, it reinforces hope that maintaining Musings as a powerful outlet to connect with like-minded individuals.

Be sure to visit Holly Likes to Cook, and follow her culinary adventures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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  1. You are my most favourite person right now 🙂

  2. […] as a guest in the Vine home with our special host, Holly of Holly Likes to Cook (remember her from this post a few weeks back?) I had been dying to see her recently renovated kitchen, and we had […]


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