Providence Food Trucks- Noble KnotsOne of the biggest perks of working in Providence is access to all of its delicious food trucks. Given my personal affinity for soft pretzels, you can imagine my joy when I first sampled a pretzel bread sandwich from Noble Knots, one of the more notable trucks speeding through the city.

With specials that change daily, there is something for every appetite at Noble Knots. Last week they featured a sandwich with hanger steak, onions, arugula, and a fried egg. The week before they doubled my pretzel joy with their pretzel-coated chicken sandwich with honey mustard. Be sure not to miss them Β when weighing your Kennedy Plaza or Grant’s Block lunch options.

To keep track of Noble Knot’s location, follow them on Twitter.

I am going to be making an effort to share more Providence flavors in the coming weeks, as I have a big announcement coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned.



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  1. Their spinach and artichoke fritters are also pretty amazing!

  2. i miss the food trucks in providence so much!! there was a truck (i forget the name), but they had the best BBQ pork sandwiches on the planet! and sitting and eating them in the park in the middle of the city was just perfect.


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