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One of my favorite articles of clothing is my embroidered dress from ModCloth. I get more compliments on this than on any other item of clothing that I own. Lucky for you the dress is still available in white and blue.

Ever since I bought this dress, I have been obsessed with all things embroidered. It adds such a summery touch to your outfit. Here are some of my favorite embroidered items I have seen lately. My latest obsession is the black embroidered maxi dress from Madewell. I am currently on a self-imposed clothing shopping ban for the month of June- an effort to have a spending gap between splurging on the wedding in May and the expected spending I will do during the Nordstrom semi-annual sale in July. However, if this dress should go on sale, I will be busting into Madewell immediately.

Here are some of my favorites that I have spotted lately. Have some other recommendations for me? Maybe an embroidered tunic or two? Let me know in the comments.

Embroidered Dress Madewell dress Anthropologie Embroidered Embroidered Maxi

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  1. All your dresses are nice, fabulous, designs, shapes, color are nice.


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