The first half of Rosie’s wedding week was characterized by one thing: FOMO. The rest of my family headed out four days before I did, and tortured me with stories of wine tasting and wedding crafting. When I finally arrived to Northern California, I did not have a hard time at all playing catch up. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that there is, in fact, a significant difference between a $20 bottle of wine and a $120 bottle of wine.

Since no California trip would be complete without a trip to In-N-Out Burger, we made sure that we stopped in one immediately. Β And although much of the week was spent spray painting picture frames and prepping the guest book (no complaints from this DIY-er), we still had plenty of time to do tastings and sightseeing.

Right across the valley from our house that we were renting was a top attraction in St Helena, the Castello di Amorosa. Although it may have only been built in 1993, it has (what seemed like) miles of rows of barrels of wine underground, which is what you really wantΒ in a castle. They also had a cat, a peacock, and an enormous pig wandering around in the vineyards- another quality I love in a castle.

All last week I had wild shades of post-vacation depression. Looking at the pictures below, I don’t think you will be able to blame me. Until next time!

Castello di Amorosa

Barrels upon barrels of vino

Drinking wine on our back porch

Castello di Amorosa

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