May 21, 2014


The week is here, the whole family is off to Napa to celebrate Rosie and Doug!

One item that no social media savvy wedding can do without is a wedding hashtag. With a wedding themed hashtag, guests will be able to share their own pictures and posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and view happy moments from other guests as well. Think of it as the Y2K answer to having disposable Kodak cameras on every table at the reception- with a shorter processing time.

Throughout the shower, bachelorette party, and multiple crafting sessions, two hashtags have prevailed: #wosieweds, a nod to Evey’s speech impediment of yore, and #teachmehowtodougieandrosie, a tag that some have (rudely!) criticized as being too long. It fits on one line in Instagram, okay?!? Another option we considered was #yowo, standing for “you only wed once.” This was quickly squashed when we learned that it was a reference to Drake’s character being in a wheelchair on Degrassi.

The OFFICIAL hashtag of the Tilley wedding is hereby #teachmehowtodougieandrosie. One G. I give up.


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