May 20, 2014

I’m Pinning: Watermelon

I have unfortunately not been doing much cooking of my own the past few weeks. My meals have consisted mostly of yogurt for breakfast (need lots of calcium to heal that stress fracture!) sweet potato and farro salad for lunch, and nime chow from the Thai restaurant down the road for dinner. Not a lot of variety, and nothing new or exciting to share for my Eats section. Instead, I am looking towards my best friend, Pinterest, to guide me to some summer recipes to reinvigorate my pull to the kitchen.

My absolute favorite summer food is watermelon (sorry, grilled corn on the cob). I have been so pleased in recent years to meet a new incarnation of watermelon- the watermelon salad. Who would have thought that dousing our favorite summer fruit in vinegar could have some revolutionary and delicious consequences? Since tasting watermelon gazpacho at Smorgasbord in Brooklyn a few years ago, I have vowed to make it myself. Now that I have my β€œdream food processor,” that may become a reality.

Here are some of the most mouth-watering watermelon concoctions that Pinterest has to offer.

Stacked watermelon salad

Everything tastes better with goat cheese. (FifteenSpatulas)

watermelon gazpacho

The watermelon gazpacho of my dreams (HuffPo)

watermelon pico de gallo

Watermelon pico de gallo adds unexpected sweetness to crunch (The Pioneer Woman)

watermelon poptails

A sweet treat to finish up any party- boozy watermelon popsicles (Brit + Co)

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