April 29, 2014

I’m Pinning: Monograms

Typically my guiding design philosophy is that anything can be made better with the addition of gold spray paint and/or glitter. These days I would also add monograms to that list. I cannot get enough of them! My eyes can’t stop from darting around the room and plotting what I could monogram: trays, end tables, jars, flowerpots- the list continues!

To displace some of this frantic desire to splash my initials across everything I own, I have been scouting monogrammed items on Pinterest. They range from the expected (luggage and stationary) to the unexpected (who wants to saw me some boards to make a cornhole set?)

Are you also mad for monograms?

Mongram Cuff Mongram Luggage

Monogram Cornhole

Monogram Stationary

Monogram Tote

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