April 9, 2014

Places: SkyZone Providence

photo(6)Are you looking to introduce a little variety into your exercise routine? Look no further than SkyZone in East Providence. On Saturday mornings, the gym with wall-to-wall trampolines hosts a bootcamp class before it becomes infiltrated with screaming children in their orange jumping socks. I will be honest, after an hour I could hardly walk without a limp for a week, or raise my arms above my head.

When you first get into your own little trampoline square, it is impossible not to giggle and act as giddy as you did in elementary school. However, a couple of big popcorn bounces later, I was racking my brain, trying to imagine how on earth I ever spent hours at a time on such a contraption. Sure, the exercises were easy enough at first- do butt kicks in the air, high knees, and the like. Soon enough though, I was begging for mercy doing bear crawls across the mats, and learning that it is an ill advised idea to attempt to bounce while holding free weights.

Do I have the strength to venture to SkyZone every day? Absolutely not. Would I do it again? You bet I would. Your first class is only $6, so there is no excuse not to try it once!

VisitΒ http://www.skyzone.com/providence for class schedules.


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  1. Littlest One loves SkyZone. I hope they open one closer to our house soon! But seriously awesome for all ages!


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