he said she said Greetings friends and fans. I know it has been a sparse couple of weeks here on Musings, but that is only due to a lack of writing time, not a lack of material. I have a lot of exciting new trips, projects, recipes, and highlights on some exciting new Providence hot spots to share with you over the next few weeks. Today will be my final post with scenes from Rosie’s bridal shower last month.

I think that it is nice to try to include the groom someway in the bride-specific activities. I would have loved to get some video footage of Doug quizzing him on a “how well do you know your bride” kind of game, but because he is busy studying away at Georgetown for his MBA, I went with a close alternative, setting up everything needed to play “He Said, She Said.”

For this game, I sent both Rosie and Doug a list of questions, including:
What did you think the first time you saw (him/her)?
What did you think after your first date?
When did you know you wanted to be with the other person forever?
Where do you see yourself in 5/20/50 years?
What was the best date you ever had?
What traits do you hope your children inherit from you?
What traits do you hope your children do NOT inherit from you?

Our Happy BrideTo play the game, I cut out lips and mustaches and glued them to popsicle sticks, and gave the guests one of each. As the moderator, I went down the list and read out answers of one or the other person, and had the guests hold up either the mustache or the lips depending on who they thought the answer belonged to. In many cases, Doug and Rosie’s answers were so similar, people held up both!

This was a great opportunity to share some more sentimental anecdotes (Doug knowing that he wanted to be with Rosie instantly- she was less sure- probably due to ill-advised ordering at the restaurant where they had their first date) and some funnier bits (Rosie said her biggest fear was something happening to Doug or her family- Doug said his biggest fear was “cat hair”).

photo 3And so ends the recap of the best (and only) bridal shower I have ever attended and/or thrown. Don’t worry, there will be plenty more crafts and fun surrounding the bachelorette party and the big day next month. And don’t forget, the official wedding hashtags are #teachmehowtodouggieandrosie and #wosieweds. Instagram the hell out of this thing- I know I will be.

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