I learned something very interesting preparing for this post- it is next to impossible to take an appetizing looking picture of meatloaf. However, it seems that people have an equally hard time actually making a delicious meatloaf! I have seen too many meatloaf recipes that look like cat food pate. There is no reason for this, folks. Today I release Cyndy’s recipe from the Karon Family Vault, and trust me, it will be one you will want to keep on hand.

Perfect Turkey Meatloaf recipe

Karon Meatloaf Recipe

– A pound of ground meat- I used turkey, but you could also use beef or chicken
– 2 eggs
– A handful of oatmeal or bread crumbs- I used a little of each
– Onion
– Celery
– Carrots
– Ketchup
– Worcestershire sauce
– Salt
– Italian seasoning

Finely dice your vegetables in the food processor- you could also add in mushrooms, banana peppers, or anything else to add some extra flavor. Put aside some diced onion for the topping. In a large bowl, mix ground meat, vegetables, bread crumbs/oatmeal, eggs, and seasonings, with a good squirt of ketchup. Do not mix in the food processor- this is how you will end up with a mushy meatloaf pate- gross!

Place into loaf pan or go my route and put in a cupcake tin- this makes them perfect to freeze and heat up later for a quick dinner. Mix a quarter cup of ketchup with a quarter cup of brown sugar and the remaining diced onion. Cover the top of your loaf with the mixture.

Bake at 350F for an hour if you used a loaf pan and a half hour if you used a cupcake tin. If you have used cheaper ground meat, drain some (but not all) of the grease when it comes out of the oven.

This makes for a particularly hearty and delicious dinner with a side of mashed potatoes and your favorite green veggie.

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