March 18, 2014

Weekend in Review

After the trip to Vienna and shower weekend, I was so relieved to have a relaxing weekend in my own apartment in Providence. Yes, it was chillier than expected, as our pilot light on the boiler went out for the third time this winter, but I caught up on significant magazine reading, had some snuggles with the kitties, painted an optimistic spring painting, let my jaw hang in disbelief at the end of season 2 of House of Cards, and had some obligatory green beers and boozy cupcakes with some girlfriends.

Cath Kidston

Looking to Cath Kidston for some inspiration.


Finished product! I was supposed to go see my friends at the Paint Bar the other week,Β  but unfortunately with everything going on at work in the last few weeks, I was not able to get away early enough to get to class. Instead I had to make one on my own!


I was enjoying the Sunday Times today, and then this guy came up and absolutely insisted on laying on top of me, making it extremely difficult to read the Styles section. Did anyone else think that the story in the Vows section was particularly odd this week? Also, I was particularly confused in the Travel section about what was an advertorial.

Food Magazines

It is too bad that I do not like radishes because they are GORGEOUS! Who knew? Rachel Ray was a very bad influence with her feature on different kinds of mac and cheese. As if I needed any other inspiration to eat mac and cheese.

In other exciting news, Draea and I got tickets to go see Lana Del Rey this spring and I could NOT be more excited. We are absolutely going to have to start some kind of a game to count the fifteen year olds in flower crowns…

The next few weekends are all very tightly scheduled, so I am glad that I got to enjoy this one while I could!

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