Today is the start of a brand new segment here on Musings from Providence called “I’m Pinning.” We may be officially known as the Millennial Generation, but I think that it would be more accurate to call us the Pinterest Generation. Never before has it been easier to live in extreme envy of the beautiful homes, belongings, and creations of people miles and miles away. I turn to the grand master of online inspiration to help me brainstorm craft and decor ideas all the time, and typically end up combining multiple concepts into one product.

This week I was on the hunt for all things green, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. I may not be Irish, but I do love green, from chartreuse to hunter, and everything in between. For now, enjoy some of my favorite green items that Pinterest has to offer, while I munch of my fresh out of the oven kale artichoke dip (festive AND delicious!).

You can find me on Pinterest here.


chartreuse chairs

cwonder bowlΒ  succulents

photo (5)Remember my first post, this green wine cart?

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