Bridal Shower

This past weekend was a very eagerly anticipated one as the day of Rosie’s bridal shower finally arrived. I had been preparing for this as an opportunity to flex some real creative muscle since December, and the day was even more special than I could have hoped for! We were joined by a group of Rosie’s gal pals in addition to some wonderful longtime family friends.

Her favorite colors are pink and orange, so the whole party was adorned in that combination. I managed to keep it all a secret from Rosie, even in my moments of ecstatic glee over finished products, and my moments of frazzled frustration when I accidentally got chalkboard paint all over my favorite pajamas at 1AM two nights before the event with House of Cards blaring in the background. It is very hard in an age of Pinterest to not want to do EVERYTHING that you see, and I certainly went overboard at times, but once I saw how thrilled and appreciative Rosie was, it made it all worth it!

 In respect to game directions and craft recommendations, I will have posts staggered to share more detail on each, but in the meantime I am excited to reveal some pictures from the big day (well, I suppose that THE big day is in May, but this was the first of a few big days).

Our Happy Bride

Welcome sign and succulent gifts

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  1. Love the pics, Honey! Can’t wait to see more. (O:


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