February 28, 2014

Places- Vienna Recap Part II

A more appropriate title for this post would be Oberosterreich Recap. For two days of our trip, Brent and I drove out towards Salzburg and wound around the mountains in a teeny, manual rental car. Brent could not wait to get out on the winding, narrow mountain roads with no guard rail and a thousand foot drop off the side- I was less thrilled. Thankfully, he was a very safe, responsible driver, and my stomach eventually settled after going through all of the curves.

We first went out to Berchtesgaden, located in the tip of Bavaria. This is where the Eagle’s Nest was located, which you may remember if you are a history (or at the very least, a Band of Brothers) fan. Unfortunately the road to get out there was snowed out for the winter, but that did not stop us from taking a “Karon family jumping” picture from the mountains. Brent and I have squabbled in the past over who has been to more countries. Since I had already been to Germany, this quick jaunt may have tipped him to the top of the list. Congratulatios, Brent.

The most notable stop was in Hallstatt, the site of the world’s oldest salt mine, and member of almost every “world’s most beautiful places” locations list ever created. Hallstatt was my first trip that I took when I arrived in Vienna four years ago, and although it was disappointing that the mine was closed for the winter, we still enjoyed sitting out by the lake and watching the swans that call it their home. We also took a boat ride across the lake and back, where the best vantage points of the small town are found.

photo 2

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photo 1

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photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

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