spaghetti pie recipe
February 26, 2014

Eats- Baked Spaghetti Pie


On the nights where I work late, around 6:30, my brain starts doing what I refer to as the “food dance,” when I start thinking about all of the delicious things that I could make or order when I can finally leave the office. Usually it starts with wings, segways to Thai, and wants to settle somewhere around ravioli from Venda, but because I am striving to be better about eating the food I have in the fridge and not order food when it is just for myself, I look for something more creative.

Spaghetti pie is not only DELICIOUS, but it is a great way to use up a ton of things that you probably already have in the fridge. This could really be called a “spaghetti based refrigerator treats casserole.” Because I was trying to polish off everything before I went to Vienna, I emptied the crisper and prepared to make my pie!

photo 1

Whole wheat spaghetti (bonus points if you already had some leftover)
2 eggs
3/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (I also added parmesan)
Veggies of your choice! I used zucchini, summer squash, bell pepper and tomatoes, but it would be delicious with even more diced veggies thrown in
Clove of garlic
Salt and pepper to taste

photo 2

Begin frying your bacon in one large pan, and saute your vegetables in another. Mix eggs, cheese, and cooked spaghetti in a large mixing bowl, combining vegetables and bacon when finished. Pour contents into large casserole dish.

Do not pre-heat your oven! Place the dish into the cold oven, and turn to 400F, letting bake for 30 minutes. Turn off your oven after the 30 minutes but leave in the for 15 minutes to set better.

Slice your pie and serve with your choice of sauce, or enjoy alone! I can already think of multiple variations of this tasty dinner to experiment with. The only downside was that it dirties a lot of pans, but there are worse fates in life.

Side story: when laying out all of my ingredients, I turned around and only had one egg on the counter top instead of the two that I had laid out. I crawled around on the floor trying to find where it had gone, expecting to find a big mess, but was even more horrified when I could not find it ANYWHERE. Three days later, my roommate Andraea pulled out the bins of tupperwear containers that lay just below, and found it sitting in one, unharmed. Oy.

photo 5

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  1. This dish looks divine!


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