grapefruit brulee recipe
February 11, 2014

Eats- Grapefruit Brûlée

photoI remember the first time I had grapefruit brûlée. It was a particularly cold weekend in Stratton. I was twelve, and forced to tag along with my dad and Evey on a ski weekend while my momma and Rosie were in New York. Since I am not a skiier, I spent most of the afternoon bumming around town buying overpriced candy and watching Motocrossed on Disney. Have you ever been in a ski lodge during the day when everyone is on the slopes? It is absolutely terrifying. Every time I turned a corner in the deserted hotel, I thought I was going to see the two little girls from The Shining at the end of the hallway. Needless to say, I ran most places- and you know that if I am running, I have a good excuse to do so. The best part of the weekend was the feast we would have in the morning, including grapefruit brûlée, even though I wasn’t working out all day on the slopes. Let that be a lesson to someone who is considering leaving their sixth grader alone- lodges are likely haunted.

To make this delicious treat, turn your broiler on high. After cutting and sectioning the grapefruit, I first drizzled with honey, and then mixed together two tablespoons of brown sugar and a few generous shakes of cinnamon. Cover each side of the grapefruit generously and place on high rack in the oven for six or seven minutes. Take out and enjoy! You may never want to eat cold citrus again.


There’s my little Archie, trying to steal away my dessert!

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