sprinkle pretzels

photo 2Sometimes, my office will treat us all to Newport Creamery ice cream by bringing in a few gallon sized containers. When the ice cream runs out, it is not unheard for me to fill the bottom of a coffee cup with sprinkles  and feast on those with a spoon as a near substitute. I also have been known to comb my hair with a plastic fork in a pinch, but that is another story for another time (I am very beloved by my coworkers, I am sure).

This was the perfect little treat for me to package up in decorative bags and give to my friends and family for a Valentine’s Day treat. Take a large bag of pretzels, a bag of candy melts, color of your choosing (I used pink), and two containers of sprinkles. I started with a larger container of the circle sprinkles, and trust me, they will go quicker than you might think. Plan to buy extras.

photo 1Pour the candy melts into a microwave safe container. Heat for a minute and stir. If they are not completely melted, heat again on fifteen minute increments, stirring between. Holding the pretzel at the bottom, dip into the candy melts, and dip immediately into the sprinkles. Lay flat on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. They will take about a half hour to set completely, but if you are in more of a rush for them to dry, place them in the fridge for ten minutes. I did not do this because the changes of me finding room in the fridge for an entire cookie sheet is slim to none.

Once they are dry, you can enjoy! Careful not to eat too many though, they are addicting, and once you stop popping them, it is hard to stop. Wishing everyone a cheery and delicious Valentines’s Day. This year I am glad that Brent and I are leaving for our trip on the fifteenth so that on the way to the airport I can stop for some discounted candy.

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. YUM. I’ll be making these!!

  2. They’re great! (I’ve already eaten the entire bag Gracie gave us!)


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