DIY necklace makeover
February 9, 2014

DIY- Necklace Makeover

photo 1If you don’t like something, you should do something to change it. In this case, I was obsessed with this stag necklace that I saw on eBay, but who thought it was a good idea to pair it with three strands of clunky plastic pearls? If the designer was going for a combination of rustic, and classic, they fell on their face doing so. I sought to trade it out for something a little more basic, since a six inch wide stag head on my skull does not need anything else flashy to draw attention to it.

photo 2I cut six strands of plain cording for each side, and made two double braids. There were already two jump rings from the pearls which I saved, and I attached the braids to the ends, tying with knots, and coating the ends with gorilla glue.

photo 3Stags on stags on stags!

photo 4Done! I will warn you, this necklace drew a lot of bizarre comments and looks. But hey, Evey tells me that anyone can pull anything off if they have the confidence to do so!

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  1. Whoohoo I was quoted!!


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