cucumber tomato feta salad recipe
January 17, 2014

Eats- Cucumber Salad

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It is all too easy to rationalize the continued pollution of our bodies with tasty and delicious eats, most of which are horrible for us. First comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then my birthday. Then pop up things like restaurant week, an excuse to stuff my face with creme brulee for two weeks. Then there is Valentine’s Day, and even more importantly, discounted candy on February 15th! In an attempt to mitigate the destruction with a little more nutrition, I am working hard to eat as many vegetables as I can.

The BF and I used to frequent a barbeque restaurant with the BEST cucumber salad in the world. The joint has since closed, and only my love for cucumber salad remains. Last night I made my own version, adding feta, tomatoes, and lots of leftover mint from my DIY simple syrups recipe.

To make this simple side, thinly slice cucumbers either by hand or with a mandoline slicer. I did not realize how life changing this contraption was until I moved in with Draea and she was shocked I had never used one before. No more tedious and uneven hand slicing for me! Chop cherry tomatoes into quarters and mix them in a large bowl with the cucumbers.

I like my salad to be very heavy on the vinegar and less on the oil, but you can drizzle to your own tastes. To add more flavor, I gave a generous squeeze of honey, and even more generous (some would say reckless) shake of crumbled feta cheese, and a large handful of torn up mint leaves. I finished off with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Cucumbers are a great snack or side food because they are very water dense so they fill you up to keep you from reaching for snacks very shortly after. Some gurus will also claim that because cucumbers are rich with B-Vitamins, they will give you a pick me up like caffeine would. To that, I say fat chance you will see me replacing my morning coffee (or my 10oclock coffee, or my 3oclock coffee) with a plate of cucumber slices.


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  1. I can never get enough of this combo….so delicious!! Don’t usually use mint though…will definitely have to try!

    km (foggy daydreams)


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