White Faux Taxidermy
January 15, 2014

Musings- White Faux Taxidermy

Last year when visiting the BF in Texas, his co-worker had us over for a delicious steak dinner. It was then that I got my first look inside a real “Texan” home, with southern regalia all over the house, and more notably lots of full sized taxidermy (that he had hunted himself). As we ate dinner, I could feel the eyes of the deer and other assorted animals burning through the back of my skull, and I struggled to understand the appeal of taxidermy. However, now that I have discovered White Faux Taxidermy, I can see a little more eye to eye with him.

photo 1

After lusting over these resin sculptures for months, the BF finally got me one for Hanukkah this year. When the box was delivered, I tore it open, packing peanuts flying without a care (although I should have taken more care, as my cat Archie, who had torn through a bag of marshmallows the previous day, managed to eat one, not realizing that they were not his new favorite treat). I am very impressed with the craftsmanship, as I have seen similar items at places like West Elm and they are much chintzier papier mache.

As you know, I regularly defend my obsession with large, fluffy homemade pom poms, as I swooned over in this former post. To give my deer, which Evey affectionately named Thomas, a little more pizazz, I adorned him with this new pom pom garland I made, stringing them on thick brown twine. He now proudly looks over my bedroom.

photo 2You know how sometimes people with lots of tattoos claim that they are “addicting?” I think that WFT are going to be my new drug of choice. I have already scoured Pinterest to see how other people used them in home decor, and I have lots of decoration ideas for their other items, particularly the hot pink jackelope and the gold bison skull. Maybe I have been spending too much time in Texas in the last year…

I wanted to share some of my other favorite posts of how to decorate WFT in your home, all taken from the WFT Pinterest page. c8de32d09e8279794bd19d27e036827878207481525d4af7b80fbce44e33220b3c64e7152930afd631b46f98d0e3f691842bc9462184e192bd7313e1fa86c8da

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  1. I love this and have been lusting over something similar for months…just cant get the husband on board 😦 I’m continuing to work on him though…for now I’ll just remain jealous of yours!!

    km (foggy daydreams)


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