cream cheese mint candies
January 14, 2014

Eats- Cream Cheese Mints

This is my first expedition into the world of homemade candy. Admittedly, it may be my last, as I would up with powdered sugar kitty paw prints all over the kitchen floor and a stomachache from trying to suck clumps of cream cheese frosting out of the pastry bag tip. However, they were still tasty, so I will share!

photo 2In a large mixing bowl, combine one brick of cream cheese (250 g) with 1tsp of peppermint extract, preferably with an electric mixer. Once it is smooth, add in 5 cups of powdered sugar. Finish with a few drops of food coloring, but use sparingly. I used three drops of blue and one of yellow to get this mint green color.

Line two cookie sheets with wax paper, and using a star tipped pastry piper, make little stars. You should get 200+. As you can see, I struggled a bit with making perfect stars, much to my dismay. You also need to work fast, as once the frosting mixture heats up, it is hard to get it to go into the shape and winds up looking more like melted blobs. Let the drops sit for about an hour, and then quickly transfer them into jars or plastic bags, and store in the freezer so that they will not melt together.

photo 1

Even though I followed the recipe for this exactly, I was still a little disappointed that they didn’t set into more rigid drops. I was hoping I would be able to tote these around in my purse, but I can guarantee that I would just wind up with a jar full of very minty cream cheese frosting.

Have you experimented with making your own candies? Do you have other edible gift ideas to share? I would love to have more success at this. Enjoy!

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