DIY Anthropologie glitter ceramic baskets

I am addicted to housewares at Anthropologie, particularly for the kitchen. I regularly will fill up an online shopping basket, but then balk at the sum before I can purchase them. Before the holidays, I ventured into Christmas Tree shop (always a daunting and gruesome expedition) and was thrilled to find these little ceramic produce baskets that looked exactly like the coveted Anthropologie bins, at one sixth of the cost.

photo 1

However, because they only came in white and were fairly plain, I decided to jazz them up a little with some of my new Martha Stewart glitter. Knowing I would use these to store bracelets and watches, I used red and teal to mirror the color of my ceramic egg crates that I use for earring holders.

photo 2

After taping off the edges of where I wanted the glitter with painters tape, I used a Q-tip to spread glue around the edges of the ceramic, and lightly shook glitter over the top. Make sure that you apply glitter over a piece of paper so afterwards you can roll it up and pour the remaining glitter back in the tube. It is precious!

photo 3

After letting the glue dry, I finished them off by spraying with hairspray. Some crafters advise that hairspray might cause the glitter to yellow over time, but since I was working with what I had in the house, I made do!


Now that I have a bulk package of glitters, what else should I use it to create? Let me know in the comments. Happy crafting.

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