Blueberry Lemon Mint Simple Syrup Recipe

Stressing about your first five-day work week in what seems like forever? Have some leftover champagne from New Years? This tasty little recipe for a cocktail simple syrup can help you hold onto the feeling of the holiday season after a long work day.

One of my favorite restaurants in Providence is Duck & Bunny, the snuggliest crepe and cupcake joint, with a patio that feels like entering the secret garden but with better food. If you have come to visit me in the last year, I almost guarantee that I have taken you. They introduced me to a deep love for champagne cocktails, so I decided to experiment with my own this weekend to celebrate a visit from one of my dearest friends from Atlanta.

photo 3Ingredients:

2 cups of granulated sugar
1.5 cups of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1/2 lemon and lemon zest
Large handful of mint leaves
Champagne of your choice

Side note: do not underestimate how hard it is to buy a bottle of champagne on January 2nd. Almost harder than it was to buy a bottle of water in Boston after the pipe burst of 2010.

photo 1Combine all ingredients in saucepan and bring to a low boil. Let the mixture simmer for around 20 minutes. It will make your whole kitchen smell sweet and delicious. Place a cheesecloth or paper towel into a colander and strain mixture over the top. Let cool.

photo 4Pour mixture into glass and top with champagne and garnish. I used about a tablespoon of the simply syrup, but I really would have preferred to make it more like half and half- it was so tasty! If you are looking for a different kind of flavor sensation, look to one of my personal favorite blogs, FiveThirtyTwo, on directions to make an herb infused syrup.

photo 5This process definitely has “simple” in the title for a reason. I cannot wait to try it with different kinds of flavors for cocktails, or maybe for Rosie’s bridal shower.



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  1. Loved this simple syrup, love my shoutout, and LOVE YOU!!!

  2. […] remains. Last night I made my own version, adding feta, tomatoes, and lots of leftover mint from my DIY simple syrups […]


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