December 30, 2013

Musings- 2013 Year in Review


Almost unbelievably, the end of December has snuck up on us again. Although this year has not been marked with as much change as 2012, it was the year I really settled into my first new home on my own, built some wonderful new traditions, and was fortunate enough to see some new places for the first time. Join me in this walk down memory lane, or as it is more commonly known, Instagram, for some of my 2013 highlights.

pvd3Β pvd1

Providence continued to be a wonderful home for me in 2013.

pvd2 pvd4

Every week brought a new and unexpected experience, whether it was discovering a marching band street riot, courtesy of What Cheer, or playing dress up with our new friends at the Big Nazo Labs.

draea kitties

Craigslist brought some wonderful gifts, including a roommate to tolerate my feminist rants and sometimes questionable interior design, a wonderful new apartment, and the two snuggliest little kittens, Marcel and Archie.

hitsville idaho

Work took me to some of the world’s top metropolises, including Idaho Falls and Detroit, where I had a near-religious experience singing “Stop in the Name of Love” in the same spot where Diana Ross originally recorded the song that bred countless Karon dance routines in feather boas.

austin motel Austin sign

Brent’s unfortunate Texas address meant multiple trips down south for me.

brent cathedral of junk

Although the DFW area left much to be desired for me, I fell in love with Austin.

txI still don’t think that I will ever be able to live in a Rick Perry state, but it is definitely nice for a visit, particularly in February!

chicago harpoon

Other adventures were had in Chicago and Boston.

bentleygirls kazsisters

I was also blessed with the continued friendship of some wonderful women.

london1 rosiedoug
And unless you have been living under a social media rock this past year, you already know the two biggest Karon family headlines from 2013, namely our trip across the pond to London, and Rosie and Doug’s engagement. I am in the thick of bridal shower planning (although I have never attended one), my dress and gold glitter bridesmaids shoes are tucked safely in the closet, and I cannot wait to celebrate in Napa in May.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year and a successful 2014!

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