December 18, 2013

DIY- Jar Toppers

As I have highlighted in recent posts, I have recently managed to get my jewelry organized, after years of tangled necklaces and lost earrings. Now, I am moving on to my large baskets and plastic bins full of crafting supplies. One great way to keep like-objects together is by sorting them into mason jars, either larger ones or jelly sized 8-oz jars for smaller items. My favorite trend I have seen recently is using small animal figures and painting them the same color as a jar lid for a pop of personality.

photo 2(2)

My little sister Evey recently returned home from London, and will be heading back to school in New York soon. Our older sister Rosie, who has lived in New York for almost ten years, was very offended to hear Evey declare her love for London as superior to all other cities. So, in an effort to remind her where her allegiances lie, I used this small Statue of Liberty figure on Evey’s jar. You can use it to store any  small item- I filled it with sewing supplies.

photo 1(1)I am still on the hunt for forest animal figures to make my own series of jars. However, after attempting to venture down the toy aisles of Target during the holiday rush, I have decided that this will have to be a project for the new year. A series of these would look so cute lined up on a shelf, and it keeps all of your items visible, saving frustrations I frequently have rummaging through baskets to find the tiniest of items.

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  1. Hey I just did this, but on a butter dish! Great minds think alike. :-)))


  2. […] For those of you that remember this DIY mason jar makeover, today’s project will seem familiar. Like Winnie the Pooh, a fan of […]


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