The second Karon Eurotrip was an overwhelming success. This year, we were joined by two very special guests, our Aunt Sister- holder of an advanced degree in Elizabethan British History, and Rosie’s fiancee Doug. I will break some highlights into two posts.

Notable activities included: a tour of the Tower of London, walking tours of the Westminster neighborhood and of places that were bombed during the Blitz, a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, and a significant amount of time spent in pubs.

image_6 1453545_10201270883114204_805562721_n

Left: Evey and I at the Tower Bridge, best known for the time the Spice Bus went over it. Right: Rosie and Aunt Sister representing at the Tate Modern Museum.

1470075_10201270864193731_1731348155_n 1463097_10201270877954075_526442452_n

Left: Getting full enjoyment out of sissy pub time every afternoon. I call this one “Emilia Eve: an Introspective of a Glow Worm”
Right: The time that Evey was responsible for getting us to the Victoria and Albert Museum, and instead we took a bus to the Victoria and Albert Pub on the outskirts of the city.

1474488_10201270860993651_913446150_nΒ  1461844_10201270888834347_1785920508_n

Left: Rosie and Doug take Big Ben
Right: Trafalgar Square- we would have taken a picture on the lions if my generous mother hadn’t become the de-facto tourist photographer for everyone loitering around

1452305_10201270883594216_78673876_nΒ  1422553_10201270880994151_397660922_n

Left: Shopping on Oxford and Regent Streets
Right: We ate so many tasty meringues while in London!

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  1. Love the pics! XO


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