December 3, 2013

DIY – Pom Pom Inspiration

Growing up, I lusted for the purple satin duvet cover with pom poms from the cover of the Pottery Barn Teen catalog. At the time, my mother in all of her wisdom warned me that the cats would demolish the pom poms in seconds. Last year, after taking up crocheting, I also purchased a pom pom making contraption. Yes, I know that you can wind yarn around your fingers or a fork to get a similar effect, but I was striving for the perfect pom.


Last year I attached these hot pink poms to my throw blanket. Yes, my cats chewed them off pretty promptly, and these days I am left with just a couple of sad looking pom poms.

With pom poms on the brain, expect to see more fuzzy crafts in the near future. Until then, here are some photos I have taken of poms around Providence, which I dedicate to all those who scoffed when I said I wanted to make my own pom poms, as well as some of my favorite inspiration pictures from Pinterest.


The window of Craftland on Westminster Street


Pom pom garlands spotted on Brown’s College Hill campus


Two of my decor obsessions: pom poms and paper mache taxidermy. If you are not in the DIY spirit, buy this one from Mr. Sparrow.


Anthropologie table runner- future DIY. See their similar table cloth here.


Pom pom garland from blogger ByPetra.


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  1. […] know, I regularly defend my obsession with large, fluffy homemade pom poms, as I swooned over in this former post. To give my deer, which Evey affectionately named Thomas, a little more pizazz, I […]


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