karon-family-crest_v1.1_fLast year, my family was discussing what our family crest would look like. For a Hanukkah surprise, I had my friend Ellery Yahia, a very talented RISD graphic designer, make a mock up of the image. To see more of her work, visit her online portfolio. Those from Providence will enjoy her Rhode Island http://www.elleryyahia.com/ There are many artists on Etsy who can be hired to create something similar.


For those of you who do not know the family so well, the major components of the crest are the destroyer that my father was the captain of (USS Callaghan DDG 994), two cats, as each of the Karon girls have two cats (maybe I will devote an entire post to them sometime), and the four family rules on the bottom. Growing up, my father trained us to say that our favorite color was chartreuse, mostly because he thought it was a funny thing to have a child expectantly blurt out “chartreuse!” as their favorite color rather than pink or green.

Using iron-on decal transfer paper, I bought white tshirts for the whole gang, and they only took minutes each to make. I have ordered everyone to wear them under their clothes at all times, but that may or may not stick.


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