December 1, 2013

DIY- Holiday Light Vase

bedside lamp

Growing up, my sisters and I were of the belief that rainbow lights on a house indicated that a family celebrated Hanukkah, and white lights indicated they celebrated Christmas. In middle school, I found it completely acceptable to leave colored holiday lights up around my bedroom year round. I would be lying if I said that habit did not continue through college.

These days, I am attempting to keep my craving for holiday lights a little more contained. To complete this look, all you need is a large glass jar, a package of ornaments, and a string of colored lights. I used a quart sized mason jar that I typically use throughout the year to store iced coffee for the week in the fridge. Pour the ornaments into the container first, and then insert the string of lights, being careful to leave the jar/vase close enough to the outlet, of course. Colored lights add an element of holiday cheer to any room that I argue nothing else can achieve.

For good measure, here is one of my favorite holiday pictures, of the time I put my college roommate to work as my Hanukkah-light elf four years ago.

megan holiday light

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