November 12, 2013

Places- Chicago

Last month saw the annual Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien reunion, and this time Chicago was the home. I had briefly gone through Chicago on a family road trip in the past, but this trip was many shades different. I was joined by two wonderful friends, and we had a fantastic local tour guide, Miss May-tsee (EDIT 01/08/14: people kept coming to the blog after searching this person’s full name, so we have put her in witness protection).

The weekend was full of good food (deep dish pizza and bone marrow from the Purple Pig), good entertainment (improv show at Second City– epic), and unexpectedly good weather, for which I was not properly packed.

As far as the Reader’s Digest version of Chicago- I was completely unprepared for how enormous and full of life the city was. I was also unprepared for how late the bars stayed open! At the risk of sounding older than my age, who can stay out until 6am multiple nights in a row? It certainly was a struggle.

Below are some highlights from the trip. Thank you to Meizi and all of her friends for being such welcoming hosts!

954897_10200596948994226_348937672_n 1011785_10200596947754195_63276798_n 1233614_10200905744505967_1667486699_n 1378214_10200905743665946_1479140083_n1382228_10200905736425765_2016293931_n 1240457_10200888287149544_2023917704_n     1379686_10200905739625845_1603431360_n 1384204_10200596946714169_1599942447_n



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