Do you remember the episode of The Bachelorette that launched a million KIN-OH-AH mistakes? You can hardly get through the first page on Pinterest without seeing at least one quinoa recipe. Recently I was introduced to another healthy grain, farro. It has more of a nutty taste and texture, similar to wheat berries.

This is a great meal to whip up a batch of and eat for lunch throughout the week. I used instant farro that I bought at Target, but you can certainly buy dried farro as well. After cooking the grain, IΒ  tossed it in a bowl with quartered cherry tomatoes, a and few large handfuls of spinach. To give it more flavor, I squeezed over the top the juice of half a lemon, a small squeeze of Italian dressing, and finished with a dash of salt, pepper, and shredded parmesean cheese.

You could do a sweeter version of this salad with apples, green onion, and dried cranberries. I also am planning another version with my favorite fall ingredient, butternut squash, along with spinach and goat cheese.

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  1. Yum yum to the squash version!!


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