One of my recently instated goals is to throw away less food in my fridge. One way I have been recycling leftovers, or as the Karons refer to them, “refrigerator treats,” is by making little flatbreads, usually in the toaster oven. You can do this with pita bread or tortillas, and add anything in your fridge!

This time, I used an actual wheat pizza flatbread that you can buy at your grocery store. Inspired by my favorite item at Cafeteria on Newbury Street, I made my best one yet, by adding goat cheese, prosciutto, peaches on balsamic reduction. After baking at 375F for 12 minutes, I added a generous handful of arugula on top to give it more bitterness and crunch. Next time I will be more heavy handed with the toppings than I was this time around. Why would I scrimp myself on goat cheese?

The great thing about an easy dinner like this is how easy it can be customized for multiple people. For my boyfriend, who believes that every food would be better if served with chicken, I chopped grilled chicken, basil, and roma tomatoes, adding balsamic reduction and arugula as well. This is one recipe that I will definitely be repeating!

.photo 5

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  1. This looks wonderful! Putting it on my menu for next week – I just made an arugula & prosciutto pizza myself but hadn’t though to add goat cheese or peach! P.s. I love Cafeteria Boston too!
    – Emily (


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