October 21, 2013

DIY- Personal Art Gallery

photo 1

In high school, I took four years of studio art. That time was predominantly spent drinking tea, eating cookies, fixing my broken jewelry, and watching my significantly more talented friends paint. I am sure that Julie Cook, my former instructor, would be very surprised to hear that I have been practicing my painting for the last year.

When a fellow Bentley alum started managing The Paint Bar in Newton, she encouraged me to come to classes. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to buy my own set of brushes and paints and continue practicing at home. I still am absolutely at amateur status, but I am having fun experimenting with colors and textures, even though trying to paint buildings still manages to send me into a blind rage. It is important to remember that mistakes can always be covered up and repainted!

My little sister is studying abroad in London this fall, and recently celebrated her milestone 21st birthday. Since I could not be with her for her big day, I wanted to make her something that she would be able to enjoy in her New York apartment when she comes home. We will all see her over in London this Thanksgiving. Until then, there she is hanging out next to Big Ben.

photo 2

Some highlights of my progression from the last year

photo(4) photo(3)

Sissy’s first trip to the Paint Bar last winter

photo-1 (2)

My attempt at a Klimt-esque Tannenwold

Β photo(2)

Poppies at Paint Bar


Mother – Daughter time at the Paint Bar

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