October 15, 2013

DIY- Pantone Swatch Board

photo 1(1)

A few years ago, I bought Pantone postcards at one of my favorite stores- the MFA gift shop in Boston. Since then, I have written notes on them occasionally, but I hated to see them sitting around unused, and wanted to find a way to display them. After another trip to the Utrecht store on the East Side of Providence, I hot glued rows of the post cards to a poster board, and mounted on the wall of our teeny tiny den. It added a much needed pop to what is really the last room in the house to need decoration.

Now I am on the prowl for other fun Pantone items! What are your favorites?

photo 2(1)


Some of my other favorite Pantone items, courtesy of Pinterest, listed below.

pantone 3

Pantone chairs? Adorable! Must think of how I can DIY.


Gotta catch them all- Pantone mugs. When I interned for Keds, they had a set of the Keds blue shade, which I coveted.


Yes please


Hotel Pantone in Belgium

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